Wedding Anniversary

I easily remember my wedding anniversary as it falls a month after my birthday. As for Chinese calendar, it is 2 days after the moon cake festival. But I don't celebrate the latter.

Actually I don't celebrate the former too but I like to remind my boss of it. So on that day, I got up and went about my usual stuff. I took a seat and started looking at my phone. Suddenly popped up a memory from Facebook. I had posted about my wedding anniversary 4 years ago. 

Just a simple sentence. 'Today is my wedding anniversary!' But this time I had added the number. "Today is my 28th wedding anniversary!' Automatically, I had posted on my whatsapp groups too. It was nice and satisfying receiving wishes after wishes from my friends. 

And my good friend living just a short distance away from me suggested that we had a dinner. Since it's a Friday, it should be fine. So we fixed the time at 8pm at Plan B. She came with her hubby and another friend. Four of us had a fun time chit-chatting till way past 11pm. Then we called it a day.

It was nice of them to celebrate my anniversary without my other half as he had to work till late. Of course, it was my treat. Wouldn't feel good for them to treat me. I had paid the bill when I was ordering the cakes. We also had nasi lemak, angel hair carbonara and roasted chicken breast.

Thank you, my friends. Let's do it again next year...:)

 lemon cake

red velvet cake


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! The lemon cake looks good!

  2. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and your boss. The lemon cake is really special. I like the topping. It looks so luxurious.

  3. Nice celebration with your friends. Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary Wenn, such a nice cake.. I never celebrate any anniversaries with hubby.. I can remember some dates, like ROM date and wedding dinner date, but I don't think he does :(

  5. I always insist celebrating mine with my family. Hihihi

    Happy anniversary.

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a unique way of celebrating it! Good food and good companions are the best!

  7. Happy Anniversary Wenn. You have a great family today.

  8. I am shy to admit that I forgot my wedding anniversary few times!
    My wife even dated me to the restaurant and gave me a surprise instead.

    1. You were lucky that your wife celebrated for you.


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