My most memorable day

It was in 1999 when I was accepted to do my degree in TESL. My first year was in Maktab Perguruan Kinta, Ipoh. My major was TESL (Teaching English as Second Language) but we had no choice but to take BM as our minor. My other friends in other colleges had the choice. They could choose Music, Seni or PJ. I would surely choose Music. 

Well, in my first year, we had BM presentation for our minor. Frankly speaking, I was so used to speak and write in English that I found it difficult to deliver in BM.

All of us were required to hold a post. I was given the post as a VIP to officiate a ceremony. As you know, VIP has to deliver speeches. In my role, I had to deliver a speech. I had the help from my Malay course mate. He actually wrote for me the whole speech. I just had to memorize it and deliver it as cool as possible.

My course mate thought it would add some twist if he introduced me as Datin Abdullah. My lecturer was surprised as he thought that I had embraced Islam. When he asked me about it, I told him that we did it just for fun. He was not happy. We had to apologize. Since that day, he always remembered my name.

He told us that we shouldn't discriminate ourselves. Just be ourselves. I really respected him and since that day, I learned to be myself and didn't try to be someone else.

Thank you, Encik A and Happy Teacher's Day! He must have retired. I missed the time when he taught us BM. He was a good lecturer.


  1. I would be nervous giving a speech!

  2. Happy teachers' day. You are still a teacher to your kids and staff.

  3. Happy Teacher's day! Were you nervous giving the speech then?

  4. If for me, i will be nervous if giving a speech...

  5. Happy Teacher's Day to you Wenn.

  6. I can't remember the time I gave speech during school.. Very horrifying and nervous.

  7. I always experienced butterfly in my stomach... Can't sleep well and eat well if there's any presentation.

  8. Practice always make perfect. So in Uni life, presentation was like "kacang" ady... totally immune with presentation.

  9. 14 years ago, ahhh, i just graduated from uni and started working.. surely a memorable experience thinking back about your days in Maktab Perguruan Kinta huh??

  10. you looked stunning in that photo, surely as the VIP you gotta look good huh?? was that the reason why you were given that role?? haha..

  11. very true, just be ourselves and be happy with who we were and who we are and who we will be.. HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY to the ex-ET Ipoh Lady Boss.. :)

  12. Teacher's day is a day to remember our beloved teachers. I am sure you miss Teacher's Day, a day that all students want to show appreciation to the teachers.

  13. Wah you still remember ha? Must be very meaningful to you!
    I'll be super nervous if ask me to give a speech in public, hehe...

  14. haha i never experienced to speech ever
    aside to our classroom, there i always
    had the chance to do several speech
    or recitations

  15. well f it's in my case i probably be shaking an stuttering there
    coz i have a bit of a stage fright hahaha
    but i don't know coz as i have said never did it

  16. You are perfect as you are, no need
    to change or have to do those
    but atleast you have learned

  17. perhaps re remembered you not bcoz
    of that incident but bcoz of your great speech
    it was indeed flattering to be remembered by people,
    in good way of course

  18. have a great and god blessed day wenn
    take the best of care and happy blogging

  19. oppsie...that would be one event that will remain in his memory till this day

    1. am very scared to deliver speech....will be tongue tied

  20. You looked good and confident standing at the rostrum!

  21. When we the 3 hamsap bloggers met you for the first time, we found you to be very friendly and confident!!! We thought a shy Ipoh leng lui blogger was meeting us!! Wakakakaka


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