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feng shui

Joey Yap

I don't actually believe in feng shui but I am keen to read about it. I used to surf the net regarding it by Lilian Too and Joey Yap.

Well, one interesting fact was about the toilet. Toilet shouldn't be above the main door. Otherwise, all the luck would be flushed away.

So, when my family shifted to our new double-storey terrace house in 2000, I realised that the master's bedroom toilet was just above the main door.

Since I was a little influenced by feng shui, I decided to use the sliding door instead as our main entrance. The main door is kept closed till now.

I had been to several show houses and the first thing I liked to check was the main door. Some had good feng shui whereas some were ignorant.

Anyway, don't be overly-influenced by feng shui.


  1. Hi Wenn, I too have been reading about fung shui, and do follow some.
    That bathroom thing is true I guess as when anyone flush, its like flushing away our good karma, ha ha.

    And here any new condos being built, a master fung shui is called in to ensure good tidings.
    As well when advertised in the papers, it will be mentioned.

    Orang putehs her not only believe in fung shui but eat tau fu, drink Chinese green tea...ha ha....
    reason being the huge Chinese population here....
    like being in Singapore. Lee.

  2. I guess this the way most of our architect design the houses here. Every design almost the same!

  3. Huh? Toilet shouldn't be above the main door? Now that is new to me. I didn't know that. LOL :D

    I am a believer of Feng Shui but not a strong one of course. :p

  4. I have Lillian Too's book!
    As a water serpent, I love feng shui.......

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral

  5. My sil believes in feng shui and once she told me about the position of toilet too. I wonder how true the statement is? She reads Lillian Too's book :)

  6. Yeah, it can confuse you and become an obssession...I used to read them too. :) Thanks for the visit wenn.

  7. Hello wenn "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" is a made up word from Mary Poppins. I bet if you google it there will be lots of information. :-)

  8. Wenn, what I know is that toilet must not border on the kitchen! ;-)
    Happy weekend!

  9. i dont really follow all feng shui, but I followed the one says cannot put mirror facing your bed and the one said legs cannot facing the door when slp-ing..

  10. That's new to me... now I know :-)

  11. I didn't check that when we bought our house. I'm not into feng shui that much lah..haha.

  12. well, friends..feng shui is considered a general knowledge for us..

  13. I don't believe in feng shui but it has some good "teaching". Can you imagine the toilet leaked and water sipped thru the concrete. Then the stain mark on the ceiling...it is probably smelly and ugly in sight.

  14. I don't know much about feng shui. I sure am glad I don't have a bathroom over the main door, though. I was worried you were going to say bathrooms shouldn't be above the main floor. We'd be in trouble then for sure.

  15. feng shui is interesting..I just follow the simple ones..

  16. i have to observe feng shui for my clients when i design a house or anything.

  17. what happens if the toilet is above the main door? My house toilet in above the main door too alamak!

  18. well, just treat feng shui as knowledge..don't be a fanatic..

  19. It's good to have some knowledge of feng shui. At least when you consult a feng shui master, you will know whether he/she is genuine or crap!

    And yes, don't be too obsessed with feng shui. But don't ignore it either. Taking the middle approach is best! : )

    I ignore my fengshui master's advice not to go traveling in August and see what happened! I injured myself in China! Well, lesson learnt but does not mean I'm any smarter the next time around. Haha!

  20. i shall rmb bout the toilet thing.


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