Snatch Theft

I used to cycle before I got married. I cycled from my rented place to my bf's place to borrow his father's car to get to school.

After school, I returned the car and cycled back to my place. No choice as I had no car and my bf had to work.

It was a routine everyday during school days. I usually cycled at regular hours and similar routes.

The route that I took was rather quiet. One day, as I was cycling, suddenly I heard a motorbike coming my way and someone called out:


I turned my head but someone held my bicycle, pushed my head to the left and for a short moment, they were gone!

I was shocked! Not knowing how to shout..Just saw the motorbikers riding very fast away.

Then I realised that my gold necklace which was given by my mum was gone.

I dared not relate the incident to my bf. Just told my landlady about it.

From that day onwards, I used the long way instead of the short cuts.


  1. Snatch thefts are rampant these days. Got to be very careful up and about. My necklace got snatched one time too.

  2. Gosh..luckily you were not hurt. It's not a good idea to take dark and quiet shortcuts.

  3. Same experience happened to me this year. I was on my way back to my house from tuition. An indian guy stopped in front of me. I knew something bad going to happen. Keep running. Luckily I could run faster than him.

  4. The only good thing here is no one gets hurt. We'd better be careful nowadays right? More and more snatch thief are roaming on the streets. =(

  5. I hate Snatch Theft!!
    dont know what made they think they CAN STEEL/RAMPAS from ppl??
    hate them!!

  6. Lucky you didn't get hurt. Snatch thief are a menace! :(

  7. So many people seem to have been a victim. The law must do something more effective.

  8. Hi Wenn, sorry hear you lost that necklace.
    I have been getting lots of emails of friends, even relatives being mugged broad daylight, in the middle of the street too.
    And nobody came to help.

    A friend's wife was robbed by 2 fellows on the bike as she parked her car to unlock her gate. A knife at her throat. Her handbag everything inside gone.

    From what I read the cops unable to do anything as these crooks disappear very fast.
    You take care, Wenn. Be aware always. Lee.

  9. Tell me about it... I have been a snatch theft victim myself too. sucky.. sucky..

    The worse ones are those that actually hurt you and snatch.

  10. I always told my wife not to wear anything fancy to attract attention. That goes for handbag too.

  11. oh man...but luckily you are alright and not injured. :) but be careful against the snatch thieves, they can be very aggresive at times.

  12. I am glad that you are not hurt, next time be careful,,, those bastards are really bastards..

    hey have a great weekend, take care now

  13. I also kena before.. not my necklace but my wallet.. i have a long wallet, bought in thailand, the croc skin one.. so while walking with my fren to see show, my wallet got snatched... instead of watching show, i went to the police station instead.. sigh..

  14. ya, thank god I was not hurt..Now I don't wear gold necklace anymore. I don't take handbag too..

  15. Damn those thieves. But at least you are alright.

  16. Your bf is so sweet to lent you his dad's car, then how he goes to work?

    I am sure this incident tramautised you till now. But luckily you were ok.

  17. that still a traumatic experience even if you're not hurt by the incident but just glad you're safe after all


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