Master of Ceremony

master of ceremony

When I was in uni, we had to take part in a BM project where we were needed to speak. I was the 'Datin' who had to speak during the open ceremony. Since my BM was not so good, my course mate wrote the script for me. I memorised the whole speech and practised it many times. Finally, the day came and I was able to deliver it. Thank God.

Still, I never like to be the master of ceremony (MC). I would be too scared. If I need to be one, I have to prepare very well.

Once I was asked to be the MC for a talk since it was held at my hometown. Imaging having to face a whole lot of people. Furthermore, I was not so well-versed in Cantonese.

During preparation for the welcoming speech, I had to ask a few of my friends to teach me. Then I had to memorise it too.

When the time came for me to speak, I started off well. Then, there was mental block. I couldn't continue in Cantonese. So I just spoke in English instead. My hands were so cold and my heart beat so loud.

Scared indeed, I never want to be a MC again.

Have you been a MC before?


  1. I do not like talking in front of a group of people either. At least you gave it a try....good for you.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. i will be scared stiff!! i cannot talk but if u ask me to sing in front of the church congregation, i can.. hehee..

  3. speaking in public and having to give a presentation has almost always freaked me out.

  4. been a MC and also acted on stage.. =D
    it was a great experience and a good character building

  5. Good opportunity for you to be "visible". I encourage you to do more. Treat it as fun but you must first relax yourself. When you look out, just look over the hair of everyone because eye contact can be distracting!
    I was MC before in front of a huge crowd. I didn't do too well. It is very different when I compare this to speaking in front of TV cameras! My first time as liturgist in church drove me nut but after a few times, I am getting used to it. So, try more.

  6. err when I was in primary school. That was history. =D

  7. Haha :D Being an MC is really no fun huh! I have been an MC for several occasion too. BM and English is fine with me...but Chinese...I suck at it. :p

  8. hmmm... i think i would pass out instantly once i step to the stage.. =.="
    so.. yeap.. NEVER.. =.="

  9. Never been a MC b4 but had took part in a couple of public speaking kind of competition during school days. Anyway, it's a great experience to train us face the audience!

  10. I am just like you. I HATE talking in front of crowds but I've had to while I was teaching school.

    I remember when I did a testimonial for a couple of teachers who were retiring, people kept coming up to me later to say I should do more of these because it was funny. No way!

  11. well, definitely we will get used to it if we take the chance.

  12. those things happen, just like when I auditioned for the pop festival and i got so nervous i purposely sang so off so i could be out of the stage

  13. good experience for anyone of us who dare..

  14. Didn't know that MC stands for that.

    Haha, at least you have given it a try before.

  15. Speaking in public is nerve wrecking if you are to speak in a language you are not good in!

    For me, as long as it's English no problem. Don't ask me to be MC in BM,Cantonese or Mandarin. Sure die! : )


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