First Come First Served

I like to make this simple nutritious agar-agar once in a while. Seems it can help rid of heatiness and constipation.

  • A packet of agar agar (25g)
  • Castor sugar 500g
  • Dutch Lady low fat milk 250ml
  • King longan from the can 230g
  • Nata De Coco 500g
  • Pandan leaves
Simple instructions:
  1. Pour 8 glasses of water into the pot.
  2. Boil the agar-agar in the water with the pandan leaves.
  3. When it has dissolved completely, turn off the stove.
  4. Pour the sugar in and stir it.
  5. Pour the milk into the mixture.
  6. Put the longan into every cup.
  7. Pour the mixture into the cups.
  8. Scoop some Nata de Coco into the cups.
  9. Let them cool.
  10. Chill them in the fridge.

Here's presenting the agar-agar. Wish you were here..

First come first served!


  1. Wah, you got so many marigold yogurt cups! Love the chewy texture of nata de coco!

  2. btw...did u consume a lot of yogurts?

  3. Agar-agar can help to rid heat and constipation? only I know. LOL :D

    Too bad I cannot makan o. :) Anyway thanks for sharing Wenn!

  4. thanks for giving me an idea.. my kids love agar agar..they r coming back this weekend.. good, now i know what dessert to do for them..

  5. Hmm, that looks yummy! I took me a cup. Have a wonderful day, Wenn :)

  6. You've collected so many yoghurt cups for the dessert...hehe, a good way to reuse them. Thanks for the agar-agar, I lurve nata de coco too.

  7. You must love yogurts. :-)

    I wanna one too!

  8. We call it "tai choi kou" in cantonese?

  9. you just gave me an idea on what to get my wife to prepare me during this weekend,,, agar agar,been a long while since she cooked for me,,, thank you.

    hey, take care now

  10. I have never heard of agar agar or heatiness. Sounds interesting though.

  11. wow, i feel like having one. so thirst quenching too :D

  12. No delivery service? :P

    I love agar-agar! I want some too! hehee!

  13. I like the chewy texture of the nata de coco too. Gives it a crunchy bite.

  14. hahahha.. u simpan all ur yogurt tub for that ah??

  15. Mmmm... sounds yummy; love my agar agar wt longan :-)

  16. Wow! I never kept the yogurt bottle.. never thought of can be use to make agar-agar.. geng!

  17. Oh so refreshing. My little girl started to love jelly. I will make some for her one day. Thanks for the recipe. :)

  18. thx my friends..glad all of u love the agar-agar..

  19. It seems very good.
    Sometimes I eat malt yogurt, but of course it has nothing to do with agar-agar.
    Have a nice day!

  20. yogurt has good bacteria..good for the intestines..agar-agar has fibre..good for the intestines too..

  21. Jelly! it's always my favorite as I can eat it cold, yet it is very cooling for our body system. Yum YUm!

  22. Hey, the flavour listed on the yoghurt cup does not match the agar agar inside. =p

    See liao makes me want to eat.

  23. Wow! You ate that much marigold yoghurt? Thanks for this recipe! : )

  24. not me but my daughter ate them..


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