Being a mum

When my little girl was about a year old, she had diarrhea. I guess it was due to the milk bottle. I had stopped sterilizing her bottles.

I took her to see a doctor and he advised me to admit her to the medical center. I was so sad and in tears, I drove all the way and got her admitted.

I stayed with her and the nurse just gave my little girl oral re-hydration salt dissolved in water as her drinks. She was hungry so I kept feeding her. When I asked for more of the salt, the nurse said:

You can't give her so much.

I replied,
What to do? She is thirsty.

Never mind about that. Even the doctor was bad. He wanted to take some blood from my girl to do a test. Each time he poked the needle into her tiny hand, she was struggling and crying loudly. Finally, so many bruises on her hand. I was so upset.

So I challenged the doctor,
You need to listen to me. I want to take my girl back. She will be ok back home.

The doctor had no say and let us out.

When I reached home, I simply get a soya based milk for her and she got better.

Regretted: I shouldn't have admitted her to the center. I had wasted quite a sum of money.


  1. I've had similar experiences at medical centres and hospitals too... Not much faith in them.

  2. My girl was also admitted before.. for coughing.. she was 5 months old then.. yes, pitiful to see big needle poking onto her hands..

  3. the doctor and nurse was just so unsympathetic enough..

  4. Yeah that was why when Ethan was diagnosed with H1N1 we opt to keep him at home rather than let the nurses do donno what to him in the hospital..

  5. I think at home with so much of TLC,our children will recover faster and better,,,there in the hospital,they just do what they have to do,that's love,, and sometimes we will get so mad with the nurses and doctors when they give you the kind of "you know better or I know better" look...........

    I remember once i told a doctor off,when i heard him saying to the boy's mother after like 30 seconds touching the forehead," Admit him for three days and he will be all right?" I said to the doctor,," can you at least tell the mother,what's strong with the boy or if hospitalization is necessary"
    He kept quiet......

  6. sometimes, cannot rely on doctors. Simple sickness they make a big issue out of it.

  7. Sometimes, it turn out to be worst rite?

  8. Life is a matter of choice. You made the right choice with your daughter safe and sound but ma Mama made the wrong choice by going to the hospital too late thinking the sinseh medicine is good enough, she lost a one year old son & Bananaz lost a brother.

  9. Actually diarrhea for baby no need to admit. Just make sure they have enough fluid and salt. Change milk to soya based one.

    Only admit if dehydrated and if baby rolled up the eyes, only the eye white seen, then situation is bad, rush to hospital immediately

  10. Sometimes we can do better than doctors and nurses.

  11. We came back from New York and I am catching up, again. I’d like to know how your brother-in-law is doing with his knee replacement surgery. My knees are giving me a lot of problem. I wonder if I should not have knee surgery in the future. When my daughter was sick with diarrhea, the remedy was to give her the cola syrup – which can be bought at the pharmacy – not the soda drink, but the syrup.

  12. Hello Wen,

    Doctors can be wrong sometimes, regardless of whether they are from private or govt hospitals. That's why they did a lot of test to make the correct diagnosis. Of course children will not be able to handle tests. It's a painful experience for them. And trust me, most of the time, parents are the best doctors.

    Have a nice day n take care.


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