Win an iPad 2! (e)

I started to read carefully the terms and conditions..

I played it at my own risk..

Since my phone has no credit, I topped it up the next day and surprisingly, I still received the next question. Now, it's still waiting for me to answer it. Without answering, I won't trigger another question..

I am still thinking if I should or should not..
Closing date is on the 8 Feb 2012..


  1. better dont try... it is trick for sure!

  2. it's a spam and it will roll forever.. you spent money on SMS and they earn from there~~

  3. To win or not to win...spent few hundreds and in case you win iPad2 OK. Con't or not to con't? Wow they earn quite a lot on smses then.

  4. rm4 per question received? Thats pretty pricey!

  5. Yup!!! Don't waste your time and money!

  6. It looks like spam – be careful.

  7. So much advice given by our big brothers! So better stay away aaaa...

  8. I nvr trust such sms contest. Me 'kiam siap' mah. hehehe


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