As usual, I was at the counter. My staff who was working at the back of the shop called me and pointed to an old lady waiting to pay at the counter.

My staff told me that the old lady had stolen some things from the shop. The boss was there too and he overheard it. He quickly went over to the lady and asked to search her bag.

She said that she had bought some items from the next shop. So the boss searched her bag and found a few items. One of the items belonged to the next shop whereas the others belonged to our shop.

When the boss took out those items, she said she would pay for them. She was not feeling scared. Instead she complained that the boss was being noisy.

The boss started nagging her for being a shoplifter.

Well, most of the time, shoplifters managed to get away as it was too late when we found out.


  1. wow she was caught shoplifting, yet not afraid at all ..

  2. She could be of unsound mind. These type of people probably need psychiatric help more than suffer the consequences of the law.

  3. Wah!!! Old lady also can be so daring kah? My! My!

  4. I think she is used to taking things for free... thus not scared..

  5. Very seasoned and experienced she is cool. +Ant+ may have a point some people are sick, some are greedy.

  6. Usually she is a habitual shoplifter

  7. it will be difficult when you met experienced and calm shoplifters, they will have all sorts of explanation and tricks to get away..

  8. Should hand her to police since she does not seem sorry.

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