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On Thursday, 20th Oct 2011, Voon gave the results of his Guess game..When I read the post, I thought that I was not one of the winners as he didn't ask for my address at all. How is he going to send me anything, right?

But I was wrong..Yesterday morning I looked into my letter box and I saw a note. It was from the post office. So I drove to the post office instead.

The officer in charge was in doubt if "Wenn" is me..I told him that it's my nickname. He was surprised and told me that they were not supposed to give to just anyone.

I told him that that address in the envelope was mine. He said the sender must use my real name.

So next time I better use my real name if I'm supposed to receive anything from someone..

Here I got a fridge magnet from Voon..

and there are two alphabets behind the envelope..

If you are keen to know what it's all about, you better hop over to Life-2011

Thanks Voon for the magnet!


  1. Ya...if you're at home when they deliver, they will just pass the thing to anyone. If you collect from the office, name has to be the same as on IC....

  2. wakakaka... yalor, i am wrong whether you cable to claim it or nope. but, i think should be ok because i put BAnanaz, he also able to get it.

  3. Anyhow, you are the winner! Cool!
    How you manage to get it correct?

  4. so now you know you must give your real name when we ask you for your address~~ :)

  5. ooo, luckily the officer pass to you :)

  6. alamak....must use real name ka...susah sikit if won things like these.

    Btw congratulations

  7. Mine lagi best 'Bananaz' on the envelope. The pos officer was very busy lucky for me who didn't even bother to check my NRIC. Wenn could be your name and looks like a name but Bananaz? muahahaha


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