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It's great to take my own break from my tedious work at the shop. As parents, we should try our best to be with our kids as much as possible. My girl is graduating from her foundation course and I felt that I should be there even though it's considered not important by many.

She is now studying in another university and her foundation course was at another university college. She asked me if she should attend the graduation. I advised her to make it as it's her first even though she would be graduating for her degree in a few years time.

But she needs companion if she were to go. So I simply told my husband about it and he gave the permission. I was expecting him to say 'No' as our shop is rather busy since Deepavali is just around the corner. So I made plans to meet my girl there.

Hope that it will be a great experience for her even though she won't be wearing the mortar board. Good enough she just got to wear the robe.
Congratulation to my girl for achieving it..Best wishes to her degree..


  1. congratulations to your girl, and sure she will do it better for her degree..

  2. We parents must give moral support in whatever they do in their studies.. :) good mum! go go.. enjoy yourself in KL and congrats to your girl!!

  3. congratulations to her,
    and a bow of respect to your
    kind husband-

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  4. Congrats and best of luck to your girl!

  5. Congratulations to your girl. Am sure you are proud of her. Good luck in her degree.

  6. You know every time i read about someone's anak going to uni,,,, i always think think,,,bila bila my turn ,,,when? hahahah

    I respect you for taking good care of them,, i know for sure they too know that they have got great mom,,,

  7. Congrats to your girl! have a wonderful trip.

  8. congratulations on your girl's achievements.

  9. Congrats to both mum and daughter..It is good feeling to know that another girl is going to uni..what a good world this is...

  10. Congrats to ur gal! u must be the proudest mommy :)

  11. Congrats to your dotter.

    By the way, I have put the Steamed Sponge Cake recipe in the blog post comment, feel free to visit at

    Have a nice day to you!

  12. Congratulation to your daughter!! must be proud being a parent...

  13. congrats to your girl and all the best in her endeavours.


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