Folie-Folie Cafe & Grill

I love Fridays! Why? Because I got to eat out with my kids..Just two days ago, we went to Folie-Folie for the very first time.

When we got there, the first thing I noticed was these people.
What were they doing?

Speeches were given. 
I didn't actually hear what it was all about as I was busy browsing through the menu.

On my left is this big sign board..
Can you see those words?

Cool place..
Love the unique lighting.

Hot drink..Mocha RM7.30

My plate of Aglio Olio Pasta RM14.80

Bolognese Chicken RM17.80

English Fish and Chips RM17.80

Service charge 5%
Government Tax 6%

It was a cool Friday night and 
we enjoyed watching those cowboys games being played right in front of our eyes.

Just before we left, someone was singing!
Cowboy mood.. :)


  1. Great place to reward yourself after a hard week's work.

  2. Got karaoke? I want to go there!!!!

  3. i have heard of this place but never been there yet. Looks like a cool place to chill out

  4. Looks like a good place to take the family! Happy Sunday, Wenn!

  5. So u r free on fridays! we havent plan yet.. cos not enough people yet, wenn... anyone u can suggest?

  6. Interesting place to take kids to. Cheers.

  7. Nice place to hang out with the family!

  8. i love pasta! any pasta.. slurp!

  9. A nice place but the food and drinks are expensive for a low income earner like me. Huhuhu.

  10. Nice place to dine! I like Aglio Olio pasta! : )

  11. I love Fridays too!! I hate Mondays!

    The food price was not cheap la but they looked yummy!


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