Friday Night Fever at Nasi Lemak

I don't go for movies on Fridays but yesterday was an exception. I had to get rid of these 2 vouchers which offered "Buy 1 free 1" and it expired yesterday. I had no choice but to go for this movie Nasi Lemak 2.0. I was not keen initially but that was the only one that I hadn't watched.
So I bought 2 tickets at RM13 each and got another 2 tickets free. I had offered to friends but no one seemed to be free.

I even had to seek my boss's permission and he said, "Go la" even though I was supposed to be at work. My girl and boy tagged along. One more free seat..I pulled along my cashier who finished work at 6pm.

Not a bad movie after all...


  1. i have not watched this movie yet..

  2. The objective was good though a bit poor acting quality. It was worth watching.

  3. Heard a lot of good reviews abt this movie. But now that it's removed fr the cinema, can oni watch it on Astro First or get the DVD.


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