Lucky number

A lucky number is a number which is based on Chinese words that sound similar to other Chinese words. The number 9 is believed to have auspicious meanings because its name sounds similar to longlasting.

Well, 9th September is very familiar to me. Guess what?

@ 9 is strongly associated with the Chinese dragon, a symbol of magic and power.

There are 9 forms of the dragon;

It is described in terms of 9 attributes.

It has 9 children.

It has 9×13 scales:

* 9×9 being yang (masculine, or bad influence)

* 9×4 being yin (feminine, or good influence)

The dragon often symbolizes the Emperor.

@ 9 can be found in many ornaments in the Forbidden City.

@ The circular altar platform (Earthly Mount) of the Temple of Heaven has one circular marble plate in the center, surrounded by a ring of 9 plates, then by a ring of 18 plates, and so on, for a total of 9 rings, with the outermost having 81=9×9 plates.

@ The name of the area called Kowloon in Hong Kong literally means:

9 dragons.

@ The 9-rank system was a civil service nomination system used during certain Chinese dynasties.

So much about the number 9, let me reveal why 9th September is significant...

highlight underneath


my birthday



  1. Happy birthday! And here's wishing you all auspiciousness that life has to offer. :)

  2. Wish you an early Happy Birthday. Happy 090909 too. =D

  3. Happy birthday Ween!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Wow! This must be a special birthday for you since it's 090909! So many nines! : )

  5. War...your Birthday? You must be damn lucky huh to be born on this date! Fuyoh! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Wenn! And thanks for sharing with us your nine tales! :p Have a great birthday ya!

  7. Owh wow, this year is all about 9

    So have a happy birthday, lots of blessings on your coming years, and don't forget to share them on the blog

    Horaaaay ^^

  8. not surprisingly, many chinese couples are getting married on this auspicious day too.

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy birthday Wenn, a very interesting entry lah, i mau tiru! hehe

  10. Happy Birthday Wenn. :)

    What a nice date this year : 09.09.09.


  11. Happy Birthday Wenn! (oh I almost can't see the "my birthday" words down there, my eye-sight prob or what?...)

    09.09.09 is also special to my baby too!

  12. Happy Birthday Wenn!! I almost can't see the highlighted words too :)

  13. Happy birthday! Like your trick...

    Something I can remember about 9:
    In the Chinese novel Journey to the West, the monk was destined to suffer 9x9=81 times before he could accomplished his mission.

  14. Happy Birthday!!!!
    9 X 9 joys to you!


    Comfort Spiral

  15. Many Happy Returns of the Day 090909!

  16. Happy Birthday!!! I love NINE too.. :)

  17. Happy Birthday! Going to buy toto 0909, he he he!

  18. Here is to the longevity!

    Happy Birthday to you, wenn!

    Thank you for sharing this great infromations :D.

  19. Happy birthday, Wenn!!! So, are you going to have the number "9" on your bday cake? Have a great and memorable celebration!

  20. Happy Birthday Wenn =)
    I saw your birthday cakes in suejean's blog. Hope you had a nice and memorable 090909 birthday celebration.

  21. Thx, ny friends..I never had 2 cakes for my birthday special this year..

  22. thx everyone of you for the wishes..

  23. That highlighting thing is very clever. I missed it the first time. Hope you had a very happy birthday.

    My favorite number is 7.

  24. Happy Belated Birthday to u! That's an ez date to rmbr. :)

  25. happy happy birthday... sorry i'm late =(


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