To Lake district at Keswick

24 Nov 13:
We were on our way to Liverpool but we made our lunch stop at the Lake District in Keswick, Scotland. We had to walk quite a distance to the lake. I especially like the murals leading to the lake.

We got to the lake and we saw lots of ducks and birds all over the lake.
haha..these two ducks were so cute!

another side of the mural wall.
What do you see?


  1. Good morning to you. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Good morning Wenn, I wake so early today.

  3. Beautiful lake with birds and ducks...

  4. Look, they have designed the wall with mural painting at least not that just a plain wall. Good idea.

  5. Love the pretty murals. There are so many ducks in the lake.

  6. This place made me think for a moment as it sounded familiar. My old man went there over 50 years ago! His photos were black and white!

  7. yeah, very nicely painted murals.. and don't you find it very nice to have these murals along the way leading to the lake?? it is so welcoming right?? :)

  8. oh, very beautiful lake!! i feel so calm looking at this serene view of the lake.. and certainly those ducks swimming on the lake makes the whole atmosphere more soothing and relaxing :)

  9. Those ducks are so cute, see those ducks swimming like so close to the nature!!! =]

  10. Good evening wenn!

    Weird, I did not see your blog URL at my blogroll today, may be I accidentally deleted it :p
    Anyway, I have added back your link ;)

    1. I love the mural walls, very colorful and beautiful!

  11. Hello Wenn, Lake District is a beautiful place in England and I really hope to visit it one day. If I am not mistaken, Keswick is in England, not Scotland. You are so lucky to get to visit the place.

  12. wonderful lake district, i was not able to go, sigh~


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