At Suntec City Mall

Suntec City Mall is an interesting place to shop. I got myself a pair of shoes, a handbag and a 2-piece blouse. Coincidentally, I was going to meet my friends the next day. Therefore, I wore those new items to meet them. :)

The entrance..

My sister had her interview at Suntec Tower Two.

Suntec Tower Four

Look up at the ceiling in the mall!

I love the ribbon decoration at this Etude House.

The whole view..

e-life on the second floor.

That's the fountain of Wealth!

We had a good look at it before we called it a day. We got to get back to JB! This time we took a private taxi. We were charged $60 plus RM10.


  1. Wow, you bought something nice while shopping at Suntec.

  2. owh.i was there as well during my last trip to sg! the fountain of wealth is very huge! hehe...

  3. Did you get good bargain. I never like it, too many people.

    Did I share this with you before,
    No money,
    No body shape,

    The shop assistant one look at you, and ignore you.

  4. Yeah! I'm going to sg very soon!~

  5. Looks like it is a great place to shop. Great photos.

  6. yeah, you went to the Fountain of Wealth?? so did you win a lottery when you come back?? :p

  7. shopping in Singapore is fun..Btw, SK, I don't believe in becoming wealthy by just visiting the fountain.

  8. the food court is quite good as well.

  9. ya, doc..we ate at the food court before we departed to JB.

  10. I like to shop in Singapore too! : )

  11. The photos brought me memories! I did a solo Bollywood dance VDO last christmas outside Suntec and won 2nd prize during my ex-company's annual dinner.


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