Christmas Hampers

Well, I started wrapping hampers as a novice. I started in June 2008 when I did the very first one. I took ages in just wrapping a single hamper. I even needed help from someone in accomplishing the wrapping.

As time goes by, I become better and better. Now I just do it all on my own.

Here's my hampers!

How much were they?

That's my very spot where I always do my hampers.

Here, I did the smallest one.
It's only RM30!
Very saleable too!


  1. This year not so many hampers in the shops and malls of Miri!! But theChinese goodies sale is already one!! And Chinese New Year music is already in the air.

    Retail consumerism is rather unpredictable in Miri and I also think that our people are uncertain about what the future may hold. However wise saving is the bottom line.

  2. nice hampers, and i guess you'd be more busy with hampers as CNY is coming??

  3. Wow! Nice. I'm hopeless at it. Can't get it to look like "professionally" done. LOL!!!

  4. I have never wrapped any hampers. I can only unwrap them. :D

  5. The price is so reasonable! with CNY coming, you'll be more busy preparing the hampers.

  6. You have a shop full of hampers? Awesome!

  7. So happy to read about this word, "salesable" nice to know that biz is good for you,,, happy for you.....

  8. the last time we had hampers in our home is like a decade ago, i think! :p

  9. wish you have a fat fat cny :)

    happy new year 2011 to you and ur family.

  10. I think I am not good for that, no patience, lol !

  11. Not easy to wrap them coz of the uneven shapes and sizes. How long did you finished wrapping a normal one? 10-20 mins?

  12. Wah, bravo, practice make perfect! I always have problem to wrap a hamper, every year I just cover a basket full of goodies with a transparent gift wrapper(for my mom), kiahahaha... lazy me!>_<

  13. Your skill will come in handy during Chinese New Year season too.


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