Haunted by spirit (2)

Haunted by spirit (1)

So, when I came back from Singapore recently, I was still worried for my friend. Wonder how was she.

I quickly gave her a call from my shop but there was no answer. Yesterday, I called again and I heard her voice. It was a relief. I simply asked about her condition and she said all was fine. As she was busy, we couldn't talk much.

Therefore, this morning, I decided to see her at her shop. She looked a little different. She used to wear her fringe down but this time, she had her fringe up.

I commented that she looked cute. She said that she had to put down her fringe as the sifu did something on her forehead. Well, I didn't quite understand. Anyway, I was glad that she looked good.

Offhandedly, I asked if the sifu had seen the spirit. Yes, she said. And there were two of them..a divorced couple. Oh my..so scary..

Then she told me the spirits could have followed her to her house via her umbrella. She used to keep her umbrella in the house after using it. So I told her to keep her umbrella outside.

She is all smiles again. Thank God she's fine.


  1. oh, great to hear that she is fine now.. :)

  2. OMG! Eerie...not one...but 2...a divorced couple pulak. Why? :'(

  3. Interesting... Better keep all my umbrellas outside.

  4. I felt relieve and happy for your friend for successfully get rid of this scary thing.

  5. Umbrellas and spirits! My old folks did tell me about it and also seen movies about spirits hiding inside but that was paper & bamboo umbrellas still applicable to the modern umbrellas?. Wonder can buy those paper umbrella in Petaling Street? tQ.

  6. Reading about this also gives me the goose pimples!

  7. How come divorced couple got united after they died? Hmmm...

    Anyway, the old folks tend to warn youngsters not to open umbrella inside the house... There could be a reason behind this.

  8. only seen in movies about spirits hiding in umbrellas..
    hope she is fine now..

  9. huh?!! oh dear! Glad yr friend is ok.

  10. Read your part 1. So scary.

    And I've heard of the spirit travelling via umbrella. That's y never bring umbrella into the house. Glad your friend is fine!

  11. good that everything turns out fine

  12. stories of spirits are plenty in Malaysia and Singapore. Believe it or not, is up[ to you.

  13. Goodness! Thank God your friend is OK. Divorced couple? Why are they around to haunt your friend? Very scary indeed!


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