Food Republic


My appointment with my two friends, AB and EB was at 11.30am at Orchard Road.

We were at the Custom Point to issue a new Autopass. That took some of my precious time away. It was already 11.30am and we were still there.

When we were done, we continued our journey to Orchard Road. Suddenly, my brother who was the driver missed a left turn and that's it..

We had to make a long turn back to where we were before the turn. Finally, we were on the right track.

When we reached the car park at Orchard Central, it was already almost 1pm.

I called my friends and they came to meet me at the Central. I felt so bad that they had been waiting for me for quite some time.

I quickly apologized for my lateness but they seemed only too happy to see me. They were smiling from ear to ear..I was indeed grateful to have such friends.

So off they took my girl and I to a food court. It's the Food Republic.

My friend, AB ordered..
singapore noodles for me..

singapore fried kueh teow for my girl..

and fried osyters for herself.

EB was not eating but she ordered watermelon juice for us.

While waiting for the food, we chatted non stopped! My girl was dumbfounded! After a short while, EB got to go back so left AB with us. We enjoyed our food and the time very much.

Delicious food! Great time!
Thanks AB!

Next, AB received a call from another friend, GK. She's coming over to meet me! How nice!

We waited for her here. In a short while, she appeared and we started chatting away.

AB had to go back so GK accompanied me for some time before she left me with my family.

I was so happy to see them again after all these years! Hope to see them again soon..


  1. food republic is gonna open in 1U soon! yeay :D

  2. Ouh...Food republic is a food court lar? :p

    I wanna eat fried oyster too. :)

  3. it's great you have the chance to catch up with friends and spend good time with them.. :)

  4. Not into food courts in Singapore...or Kl or anywhere else. Usually the food is nice....but not great (and often expensive). Prefer the coffee shops and hawker stalls any day.

  5. Food republic if i am not mistaken i was there early this year,, i am truly impressed,,none other than the cleanliness,,,,,,

  6. But then again, i still prefer my kopi o here for .70 cents, my wanton me for 2.20.. my nasi lemak for 1.20 hahahah,,, i am a miser

  7. I went there once and had my first ever lui cha. :D

  8. Always feel good to meet up with some old mates.

  9. So nice frens you have in Singapore, Wenn.. i miss there too.. my friends as well.. really no time to go down.. my boss "frozen" all our leave.. sigh..

  10. The Spore fried keow teow tastes the same as Penang. Oops you left your girl in the cold with your non-stop chatting. Happy Dong Zhi & Merry Christmas.

  11. Looks like you were eating at Orchard 313. Plenty of food option there.

  12. This season of festivities is a wonderful way to increase our spiritual consciousness. Please use this period of joy to add light to the world with our thoughts, words, feelings, actions, beliefs and attitudes....and we will hear the presence our divine guidance, without the interference of our selfish human egos. I wish you peace and joy this festive season. Have a Blessed Winter Solstice, Christmas and New Year, my dear blogger friend Wenn ^_^


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