Mercure Palm Resort

When we checked in the resort, it was already late at night. We just headed to our room and got ready to have a good night sleep before we went to Singapore again the next day. The objective was to meet up my friends.

The next morning, we had our buffet breakfast at the restaurant.

The pathway to the restaurant.

After breakfast, we walked past the Bar..

and the lobby..

to the main entrance..

where there's a huge Christmas tree.

Here's the lift to our room.

From the see-through lift, we could see the park..

and the swimming pool.

Here's the ground floor rooms.

Our room was at the fourth floor.

We stayed only 2 nights here. The room was big with 2 single beds.
I paid only RM205 nett for a night. Otherwise, I would hv to pay RM288 per night.
Can you guess why?


  1. Nice hotel! So why did you pay only RM205 nett? Online discounts?

  2. Wow... hard to guess!

    The corridors seem wide! @@

  3. It is so spacious over there. :) I wonder why...because your room was on the 4th floor?

  4. Where's this? Sentosa? So very cheap...!!! You took a whole package inclusive of gambling in the casino, I guess?

  5. What a lovely place to stay. What pretty Christmas trees.

  6. Cos you are a special lady, that's why!!

  7. RM just had viagra instant strength to lift the exchange rate higher?

  8. laughing at Bananaz's comment.

    Hmm...i would guess online discount.

  9. I bet you know the manager! It's worth the price.

  10. Bingo, Alice!'s beneficial to be a government servant. Got discount! Great!


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