Revisit JB soon

I have a sister who lives in JB whom I haven't seen for many years as we were both very busy with our own lives.

We only kept in touch through letters and phone calls.

In 2004, I decided to meet her. I brought my mother along. My mum was hesitant as she hadn't seen her ever since my father passed away when my sister was still in uni.

So we met and it was a memorable one. Then in 2005, we celebrated my mum's 70th birthday. My sister came to Ipoh to join in the celebration. That was her very first trip out of town without her husband.

In 2006, I decided to see her again. And again in 2007, we met at an emporium in JB. I have forgotten the place.

Is it Jusco??


It was wonderful to meet her with her children. This weekend, we are going to meet again..


  1. Wow! Everyone's going somewhere this weekend - I will be going to Penang.

  2. Weird that you guys dont gather on major occasions, esp during CNY?

    Anyway, do cherish family moments. Money cant buy that. ;)

  3. Haha.... I will be travelling too - to KL!

  4. have a safe and delightful journey :D

  5. i am sure it will be a great time spending together with her again :)

  6. Good to meet up! Happy Meeting!

  7. How nice to meet up with your sister again. Happy holidays!


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