Haunted by spirit

Do you believe in ghost?

Well, I visited my friend this afternoon and she told me that she had no appetite for food. Just a matter of fact, I asked, "Why? Are you sick?

She replied, "Nothing..You wouldn't believe it."

I was curious, "What is it? Tell me."

She hesitated for a second. Then she told me the whole story.


Her story:

Recently, I attended a funeral and after that I fell sick. Thinking that it's just the season, I saw a doctor who prescribed me some medication. But I couldn't take leave as I had to work.

When I felt better, I felt uneasy and was not myself. I said something but I did something else. My hands were as cold as ice. Not only that, I couldn't sleep. Imagine me being deprived of sleep. I'm now like a zombie. I look pale..that's what people told me.

Just last night, my husband told me that he woke up in the middle of the night and saw something white beside me. It had red eyes and was sucking away my breath.

It was hanging beside me for some time while my husband was brave enough to stare at her. Finally, she just disappeared.

I myself didn't see it but I believe my husband's words.

So this morning, I consulted a sifu and he would be here a few days later as he's running an errand somewhere. He will have to send the spirit away.


Ok, while she was dictating her story, I felt goosebumps all over me. I told her, "Why not you change room? Sleep in your kids' room instead?"

She said, " But I'm afraid that my kids would be disturbed by it too."

I said, "I don't know what to say but take care."

I fear for her as she said that if it tries to suck her breath again, she might be left breathless. I told her that she would be alright. "Just stick to your husband until the sifu comes.."

Hope that she is handling it well..

I pray for her..


  1. That's very strange and scary! Hope the sifu helps.

  2. My aunty told when when I was 15, don't go to the funeral that my school told the students to go because I already had scars on my elbow. I did not listen, after the funeral , I fell and hurt myself. I didn't dare tell my aunt.

  3. Ver scary indeed, sounds like an horror movie. Let us know what happened next !

  4. I believe...I'm always got real story telling by my 2nd eldest sister...

    I hope your friend will be alright after the sifu do some "treatment"...

  5. It seems that such things happen sometimes...

  6. Chinese believes it is wan soe tai.. but whenever i go to funerals or wakes, I pray to Jesus for protection...

  7. Keep the mood happy, cheerful and lights on when sleeping. Evil spirits only dwell in the depressed place.

  8. Of course I believe in the spiritual world as I had seen them many times besides being possessed once by one naughty spirit for several years! During that time, I almost could read minds and got promoted instead. Now I chant mantras to protect myself. Mantras are powerful.

  9. She will get rid of it!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  10. It would be good for your friend to chant any prayer that she already knows, and dedicate to the spirit and request for it to leave her alone. I wish her well ^_^

  11. I have goosebumps too reading your post. Very scary. Dont worry, the sifu will get rid of it.

  12. Oh quite eerieeee pray the sifu can help your friend. Wow seeing [Twilight]'s comment lagi geng about seeing and possessed by unseen beings.

  13. this is certainly very spooky~~

  14. this is true?

    but i believe there is a ghost in the world!

    so far, i never see any ghost around... if yes, i will take a photos and show to you.

  15. Aww so scary!
    I believe in spirits.
    B xx

  16. oh that sounds horrible. hope ur friend manages to get through it ok

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries

  17. I'm getting goosebumps all over. Hope everything's well with ur fren.

  18. this is so eerie. luckily your friend's hubby saw that spirit. hope the sifu will get rid of it.

  19. What a scary thing your friend encounter!

  20. Oh! I missed this post! Wait..let me read it!

  21. Wow! Her husband so brave! This is scary!!


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