Christmas Brunch

I have known this couple since 1999 when we did our Tesl degree together. We enjoyed each other's company when we were away from our hometown studying in UPSI. We did our assignments together too.

After graduating, we still keep in touch with each other. Both of them are my only Indian friends who always visit me during CNY and I am their only Chinese friend who always visit them during Christmas.

After a short stop at my husband's shop to get some stuff as gifts, my girl and I quickly rushed to their house at about 11pm.

Merry Christmas, my dear friend!

Nice to see you!

We were treated to breakfast as we hadn't taken our breakfast yet.
That's puttu mayam!

When the food for lunch came, we had another round of enjoying the food.

the rice

curry mutton



mixed vegetables

vegetarian mutton


We tried all the food except mutton..

After that, we quickly got back to my husband's shop where I was busy wrapping Christmas hampers for sales until almost 8pm!


  1. wow, those food are delicious, yum yum..

  2. It's great that ur Xmas hampers are selling like hot cakes :D

    Nice food there too..

  3. Thanks, Merryn! I need a break before I start all over again for CNY.

  4. Best wishes to you this coming new year.

  5. Wow...good to see your friends again right? Merry Christmas Wenn. :D

  6. Oh? You're a TESL grad from UPSI? Gave up teaching? More money in business eh? Teachers - eat not full, starve wouldn't die....the Chinese saying.

  7. That's a yummy xmas breakfast to start the day!

  8. Hi wenn

    terribly sorry - late reply & wish : Hope you had a good one & wishing you as well a good year in 2011 :p

  9. Oh you had a-car for brunch hahaha. Hm curry!!!!

  10. The food are so delicious! hope you had a good celebrations plus good business during the Christmas holidays.

  11. wow..i miss the indian food.. next time take me along.. hahaha...

  12. Ohhh... I'm drooling over the Arcar!!!

  13. Putu mayam...mutton curry....nice!


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