Hello JB, Hello Singapore!

I was at this JB hotel in 2006 and 2007. It was a resort and I liked it very much. Since I am a government servant, I was entitled to a special discount.

This time round, I will be staying at this very same hotel. My mum, my sister, my brother, my girl and I will be sharing this very big room.

Later, we will be in Singapore..

Will talk about it when I go back to Ipoh.


  1. Enjoy your stay in Singapore. :D

  2. So which hotel you will be staying? and which part of Singapore you will be visiting? Can't wait for more post.... ;)

  3. Happy holidays and have a pleasant journey!

  4. happy holidays and have a nice time in spore :D n JB too :P

  5. I never know gov servants can get discount for staying in hotel...

  6. 5 in a room?? It must be a big room! Have fun and hope you strike at the Sands Casino!


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