To Suntec City Mall

My sister hired a driver from Thistle Hotel to transport 5 of us to Suntec City Mall. It cost us RM150.
He's using the GPS.

Reached the Custom Check Point.

We past by the Orchard Road.

Spotted a car with a familiar initial and an auspicious number on its plate.

Spectacular view of Singapore.

Reached Suntec City Mall.

Here's the entrance

My sister was attending an interview.
So, we shopped while waiting for her...


  1. Was in Sg this Sept but nvr made it to Suntec City. Been wanting to see the fountain of wealth and feel the chi of the feng-shui inspired development of the area. :)

  2. Even Taxi driver has to use GPS? :p

  3. Singapore looked a bit hazy from the picture, I thought it was some where else like those cooler country or state!

  4. How's the Christmas decor? As nice as some places in KL?

  5. Huh!?? Why did you need to hire a driver? Taxi is cheap in Singapore.

  6. Suntec is a very big mall.So do you explore to CityLink...there is another shopping mall at cityhall MRT there.
    Wish ur sister good luck !!!

  7. did you go to the fountain in suntec city?? heard that if you throw a coin into the water, it will bring you good luck.. :)

  8. Tekkaus..He's not a taxi driver..just a private one.

  9. suituapui..the deco there is awesome!

  10. khengsiong..we had no time..need to reach suntec city on time.

  11. SK..we left early..didn't throw any coins into the water.

  12. Did you go to the fountain of fortune? Do people still go round it touch the water for good luck?

    When they first built this, the queues were so long. Everyone wants to FA' Cai.


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