Orchard Central

The Orchard Central

After my meeting with my friends, it was my sister's turn to meet her friend. So while waiting for her, we walked along the orchard road. We spent most of our time at 313@Somerset. When my sister had finished with her appointment, we walked toward Orchard Central. The Christmas decorations were awesome!

my brother

my mum and my sister

Here's the view from inside the Orchard Central.

This was the loveliest Christmas decoration
I had ever seen in Singapore this year!

Merry Christmas!


  1. They literally wanna make the whole place feel icy huh! :p

  2. Look great!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  3. Look like blue elephant tusks...

  4. What beautiful decorations! I had to chuckle when I saw people in summer clothing, tonight as I type this it is snowing heavily here and I had to walk with a heavy jacket, hat and mittens today. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  5. Singapore at its best during Christmas!!

  6. Very nice, and I reckon this is only part of Orchard rd right?!^-^

    Merry Christmas to you and family too, and a Happy New Year!

  7. The Blue arches reminds me of the arches in the movie "Never Ending Story"

  8. Heard so much best remarks about Xmas deco in Spore & HongKong. Wow they are real beau. Have not been to these two places during Xmas time. tQ for 'bringing' them to us. Merry Xmas.

  9. You live in a Christmas Wonderland!!

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  10. I'd love to see Orchard dressed up for Christmas. Merry Christmas! :)

  11. Let the stars guide you to your ways, the angels accompany you and protect ...

    Merry Christmas from Germany

  12. very nice christmas deco and lightings.. i like the cool blue color, nice~~ :)

  13. Merry Christmas dear Wenn, to you and yours!

    B xx


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