False Note

Well, I had seen false notes before but I personally haven't received one before. My shop had received 3 false RM50 in total. It happened as the cashiers were not careful enough and they didn't use the scanner.

Since that happened, I had advised my cashiers to be very careful. Otherwise, they would have to replace it.

Ever since the 3rd time, we were very careful. Maybe once or twice, my cashiers did suspect a false note.

But, this afternoon, I received a RM100 note. Immediately, I knew something was wrong. The note was smooth and the shiny strip looked weird.

I showed it to my husband and he confirmed that it was indeed a false note. I had no choice but to return it to the customer.

She said that it was from her employer so I advised her to return it and claim a real one..

I showed her how to detect a false note when we don't have a scanner to do so..

Just gently rub on the words as shown. You can feel that it's a little floated and not smooth.

By the way, the bank told us not to accept notes that are badly abused with writings or drawings.

Even be careful not to accept notes that have shiny strips that came off partly or so..


  1. yeah, i guess you can feel by touching the notes to differentiate between a real and forge one..

  2. I guess with the current economy, there be more ppl using fake note.. really have to be more careful..

  3. my dad open grocery shop too. so far we been lucky not getting any false note lor.

  4. Doing business is really not easy-lah.

  5. Yup! I hate it when I get a defaced note - with writing and drawings. I wonder why people do that... Often go unnoticed when I get it together with other notes as change.

  6. That is a good tip to check false note. Thanks.

  7. Some how or rather i reckon fakes notes are not that hard to detect,right? usually they will appear to be very very smooth one..

    it is money so we need to be careful,especially your cashier

  8. have to be more careful. If not then have to bear the loss

  9. Really hard to determine true or false..

  10. Some shops r vy fussy.
    The note (oni RM5) was a lil torn n he rejected it. So it's our responsibility to chk all the notes when we get back our chg if we dun want our money to be rejected.


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