Revisit Singapore too

Since I will be in JB, definitely I would not miss Singapore. This time I hope to meet my friend, AB. Since we left school, we lost touch but I managed to call her home in Taiping and her mum gave me her phone number in Singapore. So off I flew there to see her. That was several years ago.

She was married then but didn't have any child. She told me her husband disliked children. At that time my little boy and girl were with me. I told her it's nice to have at least a child.

Never mind about that. Then later we lost touch again. Her phone number changed and I couldn't find her house phone number.

Lately, I met a long lost friend, SK who just came back from Singapore. She had met AB several times when she was in Singapore.

So when she gave me AB's new phone number, I quickly called her. She remembered me but she couldn't recall our meeting several years ago.

According to SK, AB had a stroke even though she was still young but she had already recovered.

A few days ago, I called AB and she told me she would meet me this weekend. I am so happy and I look forward to the day..

Wonder how she looks like now. According to her, she has a son already. Wow, that's great news!

See you soon, AB!


  1. That's so NICE! I met my primary 2 friend too in spore.. have not met her since then and it was like more than 2 decades! :D

  2. That's great! I'm sure you will have a nice time. The fountain is amazing and so is the sky!

  3. A stroke when young? @@ Scary...

  4. No jodoh lah us... I go north and you go south, I may stop in Ipoh for breakfast next Monday - but you're not around, Claire's not sad!

  5. The pic is really cool,hope you had a great time there,I am quite amazed to see the picture...

  6. wow, meeting lots of people this trip south yeah?? happy for you~~ :)

  7. Always feel good to meet up with old mates...have fun !!

  8. Hope you have a great time!
    Have fun!!
    B xx

  9. I really enjoyed the photo of the fountain. I hope you and AB have a wonderful time catching up!

  10. It's always sentimental to meet up with old friend, enjoy your company and have bundles of fun!^-^

  11. I will visit that place too in time perhaps when we fly back home and got extra days to spare.


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